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The nav tag is intended for all navigation within your Structure site and will automatically add class="here" to the current page’s <li> and class="last" to the last <li>. Examples of each parameters usage can be found in our navigation documentation examples.

Add Level Classes

add_level_classes="yes|no", defaults to no

Displays class="level_1", class="level_2", etc on each li

Add Span

add_span="yes|no", defaults to no

Adds a span tag around each individual navigation element within the a tag.

Add Unique IDs

add_unique_ids="yes|entry_id|no", defaults to no

Adds a unique ID to the a tag using the top parent slug, default seperator and pageslug or entry ID.

CSS Class


Assigns a class to the ul.



Assigns an ID to the ul. You can add "none" to optionally display no ID.

Current Class

current_class="active", defaults to here

Change the class name added to the current page's li tag.

Custom Title Field

channel:title="channel_name:field_name|another_channel:another_field", defaults to entry title (when unset)

Uses a specific custom field per channel instead of the default title variable.


exclude="24" or "4|8|5|16|23|42"

The parameter "exclude=" can be used to hide any single or multiple user defined entry numbers using the pipe character. All children under a specified ID will be hidden as well.

Has Children Class

has_children_class="yes|no", defaults to no

Adds a class to pages that have children as an additional tiling hook.


include="24" or "4|8|5|16|23|42"

The parameter "include=" can be used to selectively show specific pages from the same level.

Include ul

include_ul="yes|no", defaults to yes

Conditionally output the surrounding ul tag.

Max Depth


Only show up to XX levels deep from the current start_from parameter. Useful to hide pages under a desired level (like thank you or confirmation pages) or for main navigation.


mode="sub", defaults to sub

Options are "sub", "main", and "full". Replacement for EE1's `nav_main`, `nav_sub`, and `nav_full` tags.

sub: only displays 2 levels and any children on the same level of the same branch

full: show the full tree

main: show top nav but never any children

Override Hidden State

override_hidden_state="yes", defaults to no

Show all pages regardless of whether they're set to be hidden from the nav.

Overview (Parent) Link

show_overview="yes", defaults to no

Shows a link at the top of your navigation that links to the current top level page. Use with rename_overview to change the title.

Recursive Overview

recursive_overview="no|yes", defaults to no

Show the overview link on every level, instead of only the first one. Works with show_overview.

Rename Overview (Parent) Link

rename_overview="Overview|Whatever|title", defaults to "Overview"

Rename the link at the top of your navigation that links to the current top level page. Use with show_overview to reveal. "title" uses the page's title field.

Start From

start_from="/about" or start_from ="/{segment_1}/{segment_2}"

Used to indicate where to begin revealing children. The "start_from" parameter must be a full URI or URL.

Strict Start From


Will NOT return a nav if there is no match to your "start_from" param. Normally, if there is no match, Structure returns the full nav starting from the base of your website.

Show Depth


Reveals XX levels deep for ALL children pages of the current start_from parameter.

Show Expired

show_expired="yes|no", defaults to no

Allows you to show or not show expired entries within the navigation tree.

Show Future

show_future_entries="yes|no", defaults to no

Allows you to show or not show future entries within the navigation tree.

Site URL

site_url="yes|no", defaults to no

Include the absolute site URL in your nav links instead of relative links.


status="Radical|Sweet" or status="not Bogus|Bad", defaults to Open

Restrict pages by status, using normal EE syntax. When prefixed with "not" all entries except those are available.