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Navigation History

Category: Getting Started

Navigation History example

Navigation History was introduced in Structure 4.0 and is enabled by default

The navigation History screen displays a table containing data specific to each historical status of the navigation. One particular field to call out is the “Restore” field. This field will allow you to restore a previous navigation state from your site. The navigation thats marked as “Current” represents the current navigation state in use on the site.

The Status column will have one of the following 3 statuses in it


This represents your current navigation state


This is the last navigation that was restored from, including a date time stamp


The skipped status represents a navigation state that was present, but is no longer valid since an older nav state was restored, reverting the changes or state of this navigation.

Disabling Navigation History

Navigation History can also be disabled by default by adding the following config file override to your site.

$config['structure_nav_history'] = 'n';

Please note, restoring an older navigation state will not restore deleted entries from your ExpressionEngine install. Pages added after a particular navigation state that gets restored will need to be re-saved and added back into Structure if it wasn't part of the Structure navigation that was restored.

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